If you need something special or unique, we can design and fabricate a roll cage or tubular steel structure to any level or specification with the guidance and expertise of our technical team.

If your requirement is not automotive related then you can call on our general engineering knowledge and experience to help deliver a solution that can offer any or all of our in house CAD, production and fabrication skills.

Custom Cages have made hundreds of bespoke and one-off roll cages for many different cars. We have vast experience in this area and also detailed knowledge of rules and regulations. With our guidance, we can work with your requirement to give you a safe solution.

We pride ourselves on offering you care, understanding and precision, and the ability to give you what you want with help and guidance and the flexibility of working with a manufacturer that has all the facilities required in-house.

We stock a vast range of tubular material and can provide a complete solution in just days – from CAD to completion all in-house. See examples of our portfolio of projects here.