Designed to meet the regulations for Historic competition, our roll cages are designed to be sympathetic to the looks of your car and the era it represents. Factory fitting is available and recommended.

With more and more older cars being used for competition, it is vital that you fit a cage that meets the appropriate regulations and also enhances the value of your car. Historic regulations can be very different from current regulations and our range of historic cages reflects the vast experience that we have in this area. Whether you have an AC Cobra or a Classic Mini, you can get the best cage there is from Custom Cages and even have it fitted at the factory where the quality of finish will be the best you will find anywhere.

Certificates are available for many of our historic cages and we can offer many FIA certificated, factory replica and even modern specification options. Call us to discuss your project or your needs.

Older cars were often hand built and not made to the same precision as modern-day cars. Therefore if you are trying to produce the best quality historic race car possible, then you should seriously consider a factory fitted roll cage by Custom Cages. The fit will likely be better and more accurate, and the quality of the welding will be as good as anything you can find. We take time to listen to your requirements and can offer a bespoke service that will cater for you or your customers every need.

A Custom Cages Historic roll cage will probably enhance the value of your car as every cage we produce is tagged with the Custom Cages logo which must be welded to the cage

Please talk to us before you consider any change or modification to one of our roll cage kits. You should be aware that in many cases modification is not allowed and can invalidate the certificate or even compromise the safety of the roll cage. We cannot offer any advice on cages from other manufacturers.