About Our Rollcages

Using our Roll Cage Quick Search will take you quickly to what roll cage designs are available for your car but you may be interested in knowing more about how a roll cage is designed to meet the demands of different categories of Motorsport.

We also have sections on the different grades of steel which can be used and the function of each tube as you may want to add further tubes to the cage design you have selected. And, in case we have not answered your queries, we have included a FAQ section which we hope you find helpful.

Safety in Motorsport is paramount and this has led to increasingly demanding regulations. Just look inside a WRC works rally car to see how sophisticated the latest roll cage designs have become! Custom Cages works closely with the FIA and MSA to ensure all its cage designs meet the latest technical regulations.

To verify that a roll cage has been designed to the appropriate MSA, and in specific cases FIA, technical regulations competitors may need a roll cage certificate or Letter of Conformity. We have a Certification section to help explain things.