MINI HISTORIC ROLL CAGES –                                                              26/01/2022

With reference to our Historic Mini Roll Cage that is MSA/MSUK certificated as HIST/0004.

Towards the end of last year (2021) the FIA raised questions about the acceptability of the Rear Stay Mounts on our Mini Historic roll cage.

They took the view that the mounting plate could be deemed a gusset rather than a mounting box.

This despite the fact the cage was originally certificated back in 2012.

However, at the most recent FIA HTWG meeting it was decided that all cages already installed (up to the 17th Jan 2022) would be allowed to use the Rear Stay Mount as originally supplied.

Any cages supplied or fitted after this date will have to use a modified Rear Stay Mount which passes through (but cannot be attached to) the rear bulkhead.

This is fantastic news both for us and the many customers and competitors  who have cages installed and cars painted.

We will shortly have available an update kit to change the mounting of the rear stay, and we would recommend all customers who have uninstalled cage kits to upgrade to this new design.

We would like to thank our many customers who have waited patiently for this ruling, and also to the MSUK delegate to the HTC – Michael Duncan – as well as the FIA for taking such a sensible view of the situation.

Ensuring you of our continued commitment to safety and excellence in motorsport.