BMW E46 4 Door Step 2 weld-in multipoint roll cage in T45.

Terminology – Multipoint

(weld-in) roll cages.

have a minimum of 8 point

attachment. Please note HOWEVER – Because our roll cage fit very closely to the

body-shell it would be normal practice to weld the cage to the shell in at

least an additional 8 or 10 places, (and sometimes many more) making a minimum

of 16 points.

FIA Compliant – The

roll cage has been made to the FIA prescribed tube sizes. This means the cage

was made to comply with all the current regulations. These cages are eligible

for all FIA sanctioned events.

For more information on

MSA/FIA Certification click the link below.

Optional Diff mount tubes are highlighted in grey. These tubes are not a part of the standard roll cage kit.

Only available as optional extras. The optional extra tubes weigh approximately 5KG.

This BMW UK 2/4 Door Step 2 Multipoint Roll Cage is FIA Certified.

Please contact for more details.