A special range of mainly bolt-in cages for those not competing in MS UK events but want basic safety and style for events like Track days, amateur Drifting or just a custom finish.

If you want a roll cage for Track day usage then either our National weld-in kits or bolt-in cages and International roll cage kits will do the job. We advise you to select the best roll cage you can, as you will also get performance benefits by fitting the more advanced cage kits such as the multipoint cages. However, budget may play a part in your choice, and a basic 6 point National roll cage kit will be ideal for this type of usage. Weight may be a consideration and although you can add other features to the National level cage kits, you may add a large amount of weight to the overall cage structure and find that your cage now weighs 20 or 30 kilos more than a multipoint cage for example.

Speak to us if you have any questions about what we have or what would be suitable for your car or your activity.

We are also currently expanding our rear half-cage bolt-in range and offer top quality cages for most of the BMW, Subaru and Mitsubishi range. These products are designed for trackdays and are Painted and come complete with all the fixings required.

Remember that just because you are doing a track day, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider safety, even if a roll cage is not a requirement for participation. Also by fitting a professionally designed and manufactured National roll cage will also mean that if you want to later compete at a national level, then the cage you fit will conform to the regulations (Half rear cages are NOT MSUK compliant).